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How To Use The Big God Project
On this page you will find instruction videos on each of the components of the Big God Projects. Depending on your church service and Sunday School needs, you may decide that you do not need one or more of the components. However, we encourage you to learn about each component to understand why they have been created and included in the Big God Project. If you have trouble finding the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us via the CONTACT page.

Meet Alex, one of the architects for the Big God Project. In this video, Alex gives an overview of the Big God Project, and introduces you to the purpose and philosophy behind it.
The Theme
In this video, Alex introduces the "Theme". Every week of the Big God Project is centered around a specific theme. These themes are based on a characteristic or attribute of either God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit.
The Game
In this video, Alex talks about the "Game" used every week to get the congregation engaged and involved in unlocking the theme. The games are based in PowerPoint, but can also be used with other presentation software. Here Alex talks about the purpose of the game.
The Big God Theme Machine
The Big God Theme Machine is a prop that you design for your congregation. The key component is a handle on the side that can be used to "unlock" the machine and reveal the theme. As the kids begin to turn the handle, a video is played that makes it feel like the machine is being unlocked. At the end, the theme is revealed. Here Alex talks about the purpose of the Theme Machine.

Examples of Big God Theme Machines
This Big God Theme Machine was made by one of the church carpenters. It has a hinge door with a magnet at the back where the Question sheets can be stored. The turning wheel on the side is made from a garden hose roller that is screwed into the box. The kids turn the wheel while the theme is being revealed.   This Big God Theme Machine is dubbed "God Bot". This little robot-shaped guy is made out of an old rolling cabinet with a glass door. The Children's Ministry team decorates the box every week to match the theme, and puts "hints" to the theme inside the door. The turning wheel on the side is made from an old bicycle pedal.
The Question
The "Question" is a handout that your kids can colour and write on, typically at the beginning of the service, or after the Big God Theme Machine has been unlocked. This is a question that relates to either the theme or the story. The key aspect of the question is that it doesn't require any previous knowledge about the Bible to answer it, putting brand new families and children on an even playing field with long-time kids. The answers are always something personal, and are often funny or silly, which makes it fun to read back to the congregation before going on to tell the story. Alex talks more about the Question in this video.
The Story Videos
The Story Videos are at the heart of the Big God Project. These beautifully illustrated videos lift up a story from scripture, and share it in a way that anyone can understand. The background music helps to set the scene, and you will find that both your children and adults will be fully engaged in experiencing the story for that week. Alex talks more about the stories in this video.
The Activities
The Activities take place during the "Sunday School" portion of the service. Kids leave to engage in the story they have just learned through activities, games and crafts. A unique tool included in the Big God Project are the "Activity Time with Miss Erin" videos that go through how to run the activities step by step. They can be used by your teachers to learn the lesson; as a tool to recruit new teachers and helpers; and even as a way of demostrating the activity to the class itself! Alex talks more about the Activities in this video.
Take-Home Journal
The Journal is a booklet that each child puts together week by week, assembling the Big God Story for themselves. The journal contains a summary of the story; the theme of the service; a picture to colour; a place for prayers; and a bedtime blessing. All of these pieces can be used either in the service or at home. By the end of the year, each child will have their own record of their journey through the Big God Story! Alex shares more in this video.
Watch The Big God Story In Action!
The Family Church of Heritage is a church that uses the Big God Project at the beginning of every service. They have a livestream of their service weekly, so you can see the Big God Project in action! Almost any week will work, but feel free to browse back through old services to get a sense of one way in which the Big God Project can be used in a church setting.
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