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The Whole Bible
For The Whole Church
Welcome to the Big God Project, where the whole church learns the whole Bible together!

The Big God Project is designed to engage every age within the church family - from toddler to elder. Unlike other curricula, the Big God Project is designed to be used both in the service time, as well as during the Sunday School time. The key is that the learning happens while the whole church is together.

This model has many powerful benefits:
  • It allows families new to faith to learn the stories of scripture together
  • It connects what is happening in worship with the lessons being reinforced in Sunday School
  • It fosters faith conversations over stories and themes discussed in the service
  • It helps children and adults alike to put the stories of scripture in order and into context
  • It brings out the over-arching narrative of God's Big Story of creation and redemption for families
  • It helps families to see themselves and their lives as part of God's ongoing story
How It Works
The Big God Project experience begins in worship. In place of the traditional Children's Story time, the curriculum includes three unique and engaging elements designed to engage both children and adults alike in learning:
  1. A Game to engage the whole church in revealing the theme of the service
  2. A Question help families relate to the theme
  3. A Video to teach the story and connect it with the theme of the service
Every week is organized around a particular theme, which is based on a characteristic or quality of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. These themes are drawn from Biblical stories and principles, and help families to understand that scripture is ultimately God's story. By reinforcing the character and nature of God, families are given a solid foundation for growing a healthy, living faith based on the teaching and stories of Scripture.
Beautiful Artwork
All of the key artwork in the Big God Project has been hand-drawn and animated to give the materials a beautiful, consistent art style. From the videos, to the journal illustrations, to the activity materials, each piece has been lovingly created by our resident artist. This allows both children and adults alike to enter more fully into the material without the distraction of changing art styles or character representations.

Each illustration is a work of art in itself, and we know your church family will appreciate the care that has been put into every single week.

Here is an example of one of our videos. This one is an overview of the whole Big God Story, so it is a bit longer than our typical videos. But will give you a sense of the style of our storytelling. For more examples, go the the Curriculum page and create a free login.

A Comprehensive Tool
The Big God Project is a comprehensive tool that integrates both worship and Sunday School into a single cohesive experience. Each week's lesson includes:
  • A Game, designed to run in Powerpoint and other church presentation software. All of the games are linear, so they are easy to operate from a laptop or a clicker.
  • A Theme Reveal Video, which is designed to reveal the theme once the game has been completed. This can be used very effectively in conjunction with a "Big God Theme Machine".
  • A Question Sheet, designed to be photocopied and given to each child and filled in at the beginning of the service, during an extended children's time, or during Sunday School. Each question is hand drawn, and is designed so that younger children who can't write yet can draw a picture instead.
  • A Story Video that teaches a part of the Big God Story for that week. Every year, the curriculum takes the church through the entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – in order to help families to see the Big Picture. The curriculum is designed to line up with Christmas and Easter, and roughly divides the year evenly between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • A Sunday School Lesson with two activities every week. The activities range from crafts and projects, to games and challenges, to baking and science experiments. Each activity is designed to reinforce some aspect of the Big God Story and Theme for that week.
  • A Training / Demonstration Video called "Activity Time with Miss Erin" for demonstrating the activities for the week. These videos can be used to train volunteer teachers, allowing you to easily increase your volunteer based. Alternately, you can use the video in a classroom using a laptop or tablet to demonstrate the activities for the children. Either way, this is a phenomenal tool that adds incredible value to the curriculum.
  • A Big God Journal page for kids to answer together in Sunday School class, and to take home and add to their own journal. The journal page includes scripture references, a summary of the story, questions for discussion, a place for writing down prayers, a picture to colour, and a blessing that can be read to children at bedtime.

Supported in part by a bequest to The Presbyterian Church in Canada
and by the Synod of SouthWestern Ontario
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